Reclaimed/Salvaged Pine Log House Ready to Build !!!

Tamlin’s prefabricated “heavy timber” pine log home concept was developed through discussions about how to be eco-friendly and utilize our existing pine trees that have been transformed into a light “blue stain” from the mountain pine beetle.   Our sustainable approach involves choosing very “DRY” pine beetle trees  which are often “dead standing”.  The allows the wood to dry naturally while maintaining the integrity of the structural properties — in other words this wood is still strong , and not rotten!  The main advantage in using  naturally “dried pine wood” is that most or all of the typical shrinkage and settling problems with logs is virtually eliminated ! So a 8-9 foot high wall does not settle 3-4 inches — rather the wall can be considered “fixed” for the most part.  Tamlin has been working on designing various prototypes of these special pine log buildings, and you can actually walk through one at our head office in Aldergrove (Langley) B.C. 

pine beetle log kit

Our custom designs have focused on keeping our intial log buildings very simple but functional , and even including a loft level with open vaulted ceilings and expansive windows . The  advantage in design simplicity is to keep costs as economical possible but also allow for a uniquess found only in a log cabin style building. Tamlin also can custom any building but having several popular models to start from or modify is often a time and cost saver. Check out one of our   current specials which is a prefabricated  1,000 square foot pine building with 10-12″ thick posts/beams and precut log components, already engineered for construction. This building will also  meet most building zone requirements in the new energy code for BC.

We can ship a typical log home “package” which includes the “Shell” of the building (log walls, structural roof, doors, windows, etc) directly to your site and also help you with construction.  For more information please contact Tamlin Homes Toll Free at 1-877-826-5461