History of Our International Business

Tamlin Homes – International Business – History

Here is a brief history of our International business.

The concept of packaged homes grew from a need to provide builders with a simple and dependable construction system, especially when building in remote areas and when Tamlin began helping new builders in other countries learn and apply our proven Canadian building methods, it proved to be the ideal solution.

Contractors all over the world soon realized the huge benefits of engaging Tamlin to design the house and ship a complete package of building materials directly to the site. For builders, the logistic challenge of dealing with many different companies, arranging shipment of materials to a variety of destinations, as well as creating extremely detailed plans and material installation guides were all simplified into one dependable package.

Our construction system handles everything from foundation details to engineering and material specifications in a complete house package, reducing errors and providing builders with an easy method of assembling a prefabricated custom timber frame house.

Since Tamlin’s early days as a general contractor for residential homes in Vancouver, BC, we have welcomed the challenges in the housing industry. We have not only designed and supplied materials for each project, but often assumed project management functions involving coordination of sub-trades sent overseas to build homes.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s many projects were exported to Japan, Asia and Europe. Tamlin continued to refine its system, learning first hand how to design and meet building codes, prepare precise material lists for translation in different languages and ensuring that every item required for each house was carefully loaded for shipping. Once on site, Tamlin was there to help build each home, making sure stringent schedules were met. Whether shipping to an island 50 miles from our facility or 5000 miles to another country, we take the same care with planning and detail, with a passion for doing things right.

To date Tamlin International Homes has shipped to the USA (California, Washington, Montana and the Eastern USA ), Japan, Korea, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, England, France and Germany.




“I have been importing Tamlin house packages as a distributor and builder in Portugal for over 17 years. Tamlin has always been able to understand our local building methods and adapt their house packages to our specific needs. They are the most dependable company to deal with.”
Herminio Simoes – Portugal (Dealer/Builder)

“We have been importing and building Tamlin log house packages in Japan for over 15 years and we are always impressed with the consistency and quality of wood and manufacturing.”
Horikawa Construction – Japan (Dealer/Builder)

Shipping International And Overseas

Tamlin has been shipping internationally for over 25 years. Our experience and knowledge has made us proficient at shipping all over Canada, the USA and overseas to Europe, Japan and Asia. This kind of hands-on expertise allows us to deal with individual homeowners, builders or architects who want to take advantage of our unique house package system.

  • Container and truck loading
  • Export Documentation
  • Freight forwarding and customs clearance

“…the transport of your materials across the international border was painless.”
George Heim, Washington USA