Green Building

Building “Green” is of key importance today to protect the environment. Tamlin can help you attain this goal while maintaining a “REASONABLE” budget for your project.

Features and Benefits of a Building a “Green” Home

  • energy efficient insulation in walls, roof systems and basements
  • energy efficient windows/doors – argon gas, low–E glass, insulated doors
  • energy efficient lighting, appliances and fixtures
  • natural materials – such as solid log walls, stone and western red cedar shingles
  • passive solar design, such as south facing larger windows
  • large covered entryways, covered decks or overhangs for shade and exterior siding protection
  • use of trees as shade
  • efficient heating cooling and ventilation equipment
  • use of geothermal or solar power
  • low VOC (volatile organic compounds) in stains, paints, finishes for better indoor air quality
  • factory built components such as trusses, prehung doors, premade stairs, prefinished sidings
  • utilizing wood from sustainable forests
  • engineered structural wood products such as LVL, glulam, parallam, TJI, OSB
  • engineered hardwood flooring, low VOC finishes
  • recycled composite wood decking, trim, roofing, etc.
  • water conserving features in low flow toilets, shower and sink faucet aerators

How can Tamlin help you decide which green decisions are the right ones?

While green building is important, reality is that most projects will try to incorporate an optimal level of green concepts. Tamlin will help provide guidance to balance green needs with budget and design needs. For example geothermal energy is extremely energy efficient, but the “payback” for installation may not be compatible with a small cottage. Furthermore there is usually more than one way to achieve the same green benefit, just better ways of building which could be a combination of materials and installation methods. Tamlin’s log systems are especially helpful for the DIY builder who can save on equipment and machinery during construction.

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