Factory Precision Production

Tamlin’s milled logs are among the highest quality of manufacturing in the industry. From initial grading of timbers or wood “cants” — to kiln drying, precision milling, notching, drilling, routering, labelling and final packaging – special care and attention to detail is taken at every production step.

“I have constructed and supervised numerous log home packages from Tamlin over the last 10 years and the quality of log milling, factory cut joinery and finish of the logs has always been exceptional.”
Gerry Enns, Contractor – Abbotsford BC 

Precision Milling and Manufacturing

Predrilling for lag bolts, and electrical

Interlocking Notched Corners

Built –in Drip Edge

Factory routered receptacles

Strong Dovetail Spices

Flat Interior Log

“D” Profile Exterior Logs