Our Wood

Our Wood – Tamlin Log Cabins

The Best Softwood in the World from British Columbia

Tamlin’s strategic location on the west coast of Canada is a distinct advantage since we are ideally positioned to offer the world’s best quality western red cedar, Douglas fir or spruce. Our objective is to provide you with a milled log home where you can enjoy all the natural features of our local woods — aesthetic appeal, textures, harmony, range of tones and functional elegance — all within the architecture of your custom designed milled log home.

Precision milled logs are specially selected for their tight knot and appearance grades.
To maintain the highest level of stability all logs are kiln dried. This is a huge benefit which minimizes settling problems after construction and reduces the incidence of warping, twisting and splitting/checking. Kiln dried logs can also be immediately stained and sealed as soon as the structure is assembled.

Tamlin’s seasoning procedure ensures a superior log all system that is more stable and requires far less maintenance than traditional log homes…

“The quality of the manufactured logs was superb…
Colin Hendricks – Gulf Islands BC