• Tamlin quality control ensures that your materials arrive on site in original condition, protected from the elements and on time.
  • For smaller homes, one shipment is enough but for larger homes, split shipments are scheduled so the materials needed first are on the right truck as required on site.
  • Delicate materials such as doors, windows, timber frame and finishing materials are packaged carefully to avoid damage during transport; smaller items like hardware are boxed separately
  • All materials are inspected, crated, wrapped, packaged and clearly labelled
  • Individual loads are weighed and arranged to maximize the truck’s capacity, given road weight restrictions; extra shipping costs are avoided
  • Special “hiab” crane trucks can be arranged to deliver and unload easily on site
  • Deliveries to coastal, island & remote locations can be made by truck, ferry or barge
  • Full insurance and shipping coordination across Canada

Crating of Materials

Materials Clearly Labled

Loading of Materials

Site Delivery

“Hiab” Crane Truck

Unloading On Site

…your method of packaging the lumber up into logical lifts and the documentation explaining what was in each package and its intended use made the framing very efficient…
Ken Barrie


  • Proper documentation is provided with every shipment including detailed packing lists and loading reports
  • Photographs of your materials and packages are taken at our facility to guarantee proper handling and loading
  • Our in-house loading report contains all package identification numbers, lengths, quantities, and specifications for all the materials in each house package
  • This report is linked directly to the Bill of Materials in our design department so every building component is accounted for.

Loading Report

Packing List

Truck Load Plan