Advantages of Tamlin’s Milled Log Home Packages

Shipped To Your Site In Canada & The U.S.A.

  • Tamlin customizes every milled log home, integrating the ideas of our clients into the design. With all the necessary resources in one company, our approach is fast and efficient.
  • Our clients are in control of their projects from the initial stages and we provide the tools for clients to make design decisions which have a substantial impact on controlling costs.
  • Most of our clients prefer to use our experienced in-house log home designers although we can also offer the services of a local registered architect and interior design coordinator.
  • Our milled log house kits are delivered to your site with all the materials you need to construct your log house to weather-tight lock up, including floor systems, easy to assemble logs, roof system, doors, windows, trim and even deck systems. Our system is convenient, fast and simple.
  • Quality conscious log buyers have the best selection of our west coast spruce, Douglas Fir or western red cedar.
  • For the best long term performance our milled logs are kiln dried. To eliminate the use of standard green logs (the most common in the log home industry) we ensure the removal of the high moisture content that can cause twisting, warping, bad checking or splitting and significant settling of logs. Tamlin’s seasoning procedure ensures a superior log wall system that is much more stable and requires only minimal maintenance.
  • Beyond a clear coat of stain on your beautifully smooth inside log walls, there is no further finishing or drywalling required; a significant cost savings in construction.
  • All our clients appreciate the natural environment their log home provides. Anyone who has worked around drywall dust, heavily glued products or oily paints will greatly appreciate building with our solid wood milled log package.
  • For longer wall lengths, we use precision notching and precut dove-tail joinery. This high-tech approach to log manufacture, provides a definite accuracy advantage.
  • Factory predrilled electrical holes and preroutered electrical boxes allow for quick and simple electrical installation. Predrilled through bolt holes and lag bolt holes significantly speed up construction and save money. Tamlin can also help you with your electrical plan.
  • All door and window openings are precut at the factory. We use a simple installation system providing all the components you need.
  • For the best in weatherproofing and defense against the elements, we provide a tongue-and-groove milled log with lag bolts, caulking and waterproof gaskets. To satisfy the most discerning log finisher, we supply a touch-up kit for complete water protection on exterior logs and can recommend a selection of proven, environmentally friendly stains for your final coat of protection.
  • Construction is quick and uncomplicated using our log assembly manual and fully detailed log wall layouts. Assembly of precut and prenotched log walls takes only a few days for an average 1000 to 1200 square foot cottage, resulting in a huge savings on labour.
  • Do-it-yourself homeowners can request pre-built exterior or gable walls or structurally insulated roof panels ―SIPs― for your roof system, or floors and have them shipped with the house package directly to your site.
  • We have the experience and industry contacts to provide our clients with expertise in many areas of home building including geothermal energy, HVAC systems, site preparations, various insulation and ventilation methods, septic systems, subtrades, etc.
  • Finally, we have the building support to help you with construction, including log assembly supervisors and a builder network to help you erect the shell or even general contract your complete house (depending on your location). We are always available to answer questions promptly during the construction process.