Design FAQ

What is the difference between a “milled” log home and a hand crafted or hand “hewn” log home?
Both types of log systems use solid logs, however a “milled” log offers a specific shape or profile which is identical for all logs. Each log is milled individually on a specialty profiling machine. Tamlin’s most popular profile is our “D” profile which is also kiln dried. Most milled logs have a tongue and groove pattern in between log courses and a precision notched corner detail. Hand “hewn” logs are often larger in diameter, peeled by “hand”, scribed and hand notched (with a chain saw) so each log is custom fit against adjacent logs. Log chinking is often used in other hand peeled log systems. The appeal of any log system is a personal one and all offer a natural appearance. While milled logs offer a more contemporary or refined look, hand crafted logs are more “rustic” and since they cannot be kiln dried, they will shrink and crack considerably more.

Does Tamlin have standard log plans?
Yes, Tamlin has a number of plans that you can choose “as is” or that can be modified to suit your requirements. See our PLANS section in the website.

Can Tamlin help custom design my log home?
Yes we can. It is very difficult to find a “standard” plan which is perfect and needs no changes. Usually lot conditions, size, function, house positioning and many other factors determine the optimal design of a house. We can personalize your home and customize it to the “right” level depending upon your budget and design needs.
Our 3D colour drawings are perfect to visualize your home before it is built.

How do we make planning and design efficient?
Since Tamlin is usually involved from the initial stage of design, we are in the best position to recommend important construction and design details that can reduce on-site construction time and costs. Log wall construction that does not require interior finishing or drywall is a key consideration. Second floor panelized wall construction can also speed up on site installation.

How can we help make sure your custom designed home plans are on budget?
First we can offer a ballpark or rough overall costing based on a “preliminary plan”. Second we provide a guaranteed log home package cost delivered to your site at the final stage of preliminary plan work. Third, we help you create a complete budget from foundation to framing and finishing, to make sure your overall costs (materials and labour) make sense and are manageable.

What are the ways to custom design?
You can modify an existing plan from Tamlin’s Log Home Plan Design Selection or provide your own design ideas. Or you can start from scratch and we will turn your ideas into a custom home.

Do we provide engineering services and permit drawings?
Yes we do. We have over 30 years of experience with log engineering to ensure that your home is structurally sound. We also have a network of builders in other provinces, so we can arrange for your drawings to be “stamped” by a qualified engineer in your area. We provide the most detailed permit drawings and help you with submission and obtaining your building permit.

What design TIPS do we have?

  • design with current and future needs in mind – you may want the whole house designed as “barrier free” so doorways and hallways are extra wide
  • research various log building techniques until you are completely satisfied
  • have a look at some “real” buildings before purchasing
  • seek out professional advise when necessary
  • design within your budget and include a contingency budget
  • obtain plan ideas from “standard” plans but do not assume that these can be made exactly into log plans, since there may be engineering and structural issues
  • use Tamlin’s data base of plans, photos and website information and contact us for a free professional assessment.