Remote & Island Building

 Galiano, Maine, Pender, Gabriola, Thetis, Saturna, Cortes, Mudge, Sechelt etc. Tamlin has built there. We are the Remote & Island Building Specialists Since 1977

Home Packages from Tamlin Offer Our Client’s an Advantage Over The Other Guys…

For over 25 years we have been shipping our log cabin packages to remote areas to coastal, inland or island locations where it makes economic sense for all materials to arrive at one time. This makes the most efficient use of our log home packages which allow you to assemble your structure and your building enclosure quickly and efficiently to the “lock up” stage of construction. We can help…

“My home is on an island that’s one of the reason’s why I chose Tamlin. They delivered my milled log home package by truck and ferry, directly to my project site & than assisted me to coordinate the construction as an owner-builder. I am completely satisfied with my home and I would definitely recommend Tamlin to anyone considering a remote build”

Doug Darling – Thetis Island BC

Remote Building – Direct Shipment to your Site

  • Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast
  • Remote inland or hard to get to locations
  • Project management and construction help through our network of builder and subtrade contacts

“I would like to take the opportunity to offer our sincere thanks for the first class care and attention that our project has received from the start …although the quality of materials, their delivery and scheduling were impeccable, it is the human element that has made dealing with Tamlin such as pleasant experience.”

Jean and Frank Turner – Princeton BC

Advantages of Our Log Home Packages

  • Ship materials via truck, ferry, barge right to your site
  • Reduced delivery expenses and coordination
  • Save costs in construction labour, time and materials
  • Allow you to custom design and receive the help you need to manage your project  — Ideal for “do it yourselfers”

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