Ease of Assembly

Tamlin has refined its log home packages over the last three decades to focus on simplicity and ease of assembly. As a builder, we know that the most significant cost of construction these days is “labour” and our goal is to provide a log home kit that can be assembled quickly and efficiently by builders, do-it-your-selfers  or weekend carpenters.

“The quality of the manufactured logs and ease of assembly was superb…The logs were easily handled by two people”
Colin Hendricks – Gulf Islands BC

Assembly Advantages

    • Logs can be lifted by hand – no cranes are required
    • All logs are labelled to correspond with log wall drawings
    • Door and window openings are precut
    • All the “miscellaneous” log assembly items are included –  waterproof gaskets, lag bolts, hold-down rods, bottom log flashings, caulking, hardware
    • Lag bolts pull each log row tight and lag bolt holes are predrilled
    • Detailed log assembly guide is provided

Easy to place and fit logs

Waterproof Protection – metal flashing under first log

Fast Log Wall Assembly

Ready to install

Precut, prenotched logs, predrilled

Easy to build yourself or with our contracting staff




Predrilled Lag Bolt Holes

Interlocking corners