Planning To Build A Vacation Or Retirement Home

  • Consult with Tamlin at the initial stage to review design, budget, construction support requirements and building time frame
  • Research your unique site conditions, bylaws, setbacks, building restrictions, etc.
  • Research various log homes thoroughly so you have all your questions to bring to the table
  • Contact Tamlin for a site visit. We will provide a professional assessment of your building project including optimal positioning, design, access, services (water, power), potential problems, etc.
  • Decide if you have the time & resources to build by yourself or if you need our help
  • Create your “wish list” of ideas for design and function of your house
  • Prepare a reasonable time frame for building and create a workable schedule
  • More planning tips

Here are more planning TIPs
(Yes, we can help you answer any of these concerns)

  • Plan at least one year ahead of construction
  • Proper planning saves time, money and resources. In many cases, owners can spend significant time designing their home only to find out that it is too expensive or will not fit properly on their lot. Seek a professional opinion first.
  • Decide if you can commit the personal time and resources to general contract yourself or if you need the services of a builder or project manager.
  • Any building project involves a significant investment in money and time. Seek out the right professionals to help you through the process. These include an architect/designer, builder/subtrades, interior designer or a company such as Tamlin who can customize the right mix of professionals for your project.
  • Spend the extra time to properly plan your log home building project.
    • Custom design your home to suit your needs since you usually get only one try to get it right. Do not be afraid to hire a professional who can provide the right level of design support for your home.
    • Ask for a second opinion about the positioning of your building which may require a site visit. There are many items to consider such as access, view/elevations, position (north, south, east, west), services (septic/sewer, water/well, hydro, gas), soil conditions and proper drainage.
    • Talk to your “local” neighbours and building department to understand more about your location and potential building issues such as easements, covenants or bylaws that may have been put into place recently
    • Spend the time to calculate your total building costs and decide on a budget range that you will be comfortable with. This budget may come in handy later for your bank.
    • Continue to refine your house design, materials specifications, budget, lot layout and building schedule.
  • Do not underestimate the personal time and resources required for building. We often spend 6 months to a year in the planning stage prior to construction of a custom home.
  • Look at incorporating the latest in building technology which will help our environment and reduce your operating costs and maintenance. This includes healthy housing materials (natural stone, wood, low VOC stains), geothermal energy, energy efficient building materials and eco-friendly products.
  • Seek out a professional like Tamlin Homes to consult with. Visit our new post and beam office in Coquitlam, BC for a free initial consultation!