“We never thought that we could be able to afford a custom home until we met with Tamlin. They helped us through all the building steps… so we could work through the stages in an organized efficient way – and save money on construction.”
Jamie Montgomery – Richmond BC

Tamlin will help you create a realistic budget for your log cabin or custom log home, regardless of where you are planning to build – on an island, a remote location or near the city. While we specialize in providing the log “shell” of the home and shipping right to your site, we can help you budget for all your building costs including materials and labour to the “lock-up” stage and further.

Here are some budgeting tips:

  • Formulate a realistic budget. We can help you, using our budget template.
  • Start with a “ballpark” budget including log house package materials and costs of land preparation, services, foundation, framing and finishing.
  • Obtain “rough” cost estimates based on your own plans and specifications, not plans borrowed from the internet or from magazines which are too general and cause confusion to builders. (We can help you draw up preliminary plans really fast and these will help clarify basic details in order to make “ballpark” estimates more realistic)
  • Refer to our in-house “sample log plans” where we can provide cost estimates for construction.
  • Use our “guarantee” of your log home package cost so you don’t have to worry about prices suddenly increasing when you want to build.
  • Continue the refinement of your budget as your design, materials and other construction costs become known.
  • Compare the cost and quality advantages of factory “prefinishing” and premade components which may save money compared to on-site work.
  • Talk to your bank or ask Tamlin for financing alternatives.